10 Signs of recovery from childhood trauma

Recovering from childhood trauma is complex. The road to healing equally involves feelings of joy and hopelessness. It is not a linear process and it is unique to each individual. However, as a counsellor and childhood trauma survivor, these are the signs that I noticed both in my clients and myself that I consider to be the benchmarks of recovery.

1) Feeling like you have more choices and tools to cope when you are triggered in relation to your trauma history.

2) Ackolwedging what happened and how it impacted you.

3) Having a more self-supporting perspective and lessening the power of your critical voice over you.

4) Being able to relax more often.

5) Increased ability to resist overreacting from a triggered state.

6) Developing a sense of the future and working to create a life that is in alignment with you and not what society, family or roles dictate.

7) Increased ability to stay present with your feelings and have healthy skills to manage them.

8) Setting boundaries that support your safety and wellbeing.

9) Reconnecting to people that provide a safe space for you to be vulnerable.

10) Spending less time in states of guilt and shame.

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