11 Hidden Gifts of Trauma

One of the most painful parts of trauma recovery is learning and recognising how much what you went through actually impacted you and your life. Recognising how bad it really was.

Research is also now confirming the devastating psychological, physiological, and mental scars one can suffer from repeated exposure to high stress and trauma. It is important to acknowledge the negative consequences for survivors as most of them come from a lifetime of conditioning to minimise and dismiss their suffering.

I also believe and witnessed that many survivors possess incredible superpowers developed by the impact of their background. In this post, I would like to invite you to claim not only the challenges but the gifts of your trauma.

1) Great ability for empathy.

2) Being able to read and understand people's intentions much quicker than others.

3) Ability to stay centered, focused, and action-oriented during times of crisis.

4) Being self-reliant.

5) Greater ability to appreciate small things in life.

6) Not thrown by the negligence of people in power.

7) Ability to cope with extended periods of loneliness.

8) Being able to plan ahead - always prepared for the 'worst-case scenario'.

9) Understanding inequality and unfairness in the world.

10) Having a deep sense of purpose to give back, do better or help others.

11) Ability to think of and and confront existential questions of life.

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